Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stop Sex Predators

Stop Sex Predators

Stop Sex Predators

This is not just a problem going in the halls of Congress. I also appreciated the last posts. What difference does it make if the person being

preyed upon is male or female? Or even what sex the Predators are. Because a Predator can be of either sex.

Predators are predators.

I have been following a teacher called Gangaji for almost ten years. He husband Eli Jaxon-Bear who is also a teacher who had a three-year course to train "Leela therapists" has just admitted that he "initiated a sexual relationship" with a student four years ago and now it's come out. Exactly how I don't know. I'm not sure how much "damage-control" is involved in his confession.

A person who knows the victim, said she was on the verge of suicide, having been obviously urged to keep it a secret all this time.

This was her letter to me:

I would not have sent this email out if I didn't know for a fact of this sexual abuse.

I have spoken to my dear friend, the victim, in this horror.

I also had a chance to speak to Eli directly.

He has made a public admittance of this. [See his letter below]

I'm not on a mission to tear these teachers down.

I feel I need to speak the truth and also finish the role that I had here in NY as a Leela/Gangaji representative.

[This woman opened a center here in NYC and was a graduate of Eli's Three-Year course. So what was a big part of her life's work is now distroyed.]

I know from Eli and the victim that Gangaji has known about this for close to a year now.

These were issues that existed in their marriage for many years that they could have gotten psychological help for.

She was a spiritual teacher well aware of the abuses that happen between teacher/student.

She always said this is a "dangerous game" and now I really get it.

I do not want to get into the details of this abuse, but I can honestly say to you that my friend involved in this nightmare is lucky to be alive.

Eli's letter went out to the 3yr community. People have asked him to reframe his letter because in it he refers to this as a "sexual relationship". For others, this was clearly sexual abuse and abuse of power. I will forward you his letter so you can hear his own words and decide what is true in your own heart.

[Original Message]> From: The Leela Foundation > To: > Date: 10/2/2006 2:52:55 PM> Subject: Letter from Eli>>

To my dear Three Year community,>>

My teacher said, "If you move it will bite you." I moved and it has bitten.

Four years ago, I initiated a sexual relationship with a student that lasted for three years.

In moving I betrayed myself, the

teaching and my community.

I also caused great harm to those that I love the most in this world.

I can no longer teach as long as the harmful consequences of my movement remain.

This October will be the last of the European Three Year Retreats.

In January, we will have the last of the U.S. Three Year retreats.

I will keep my obligation to Australia in November if that is appropriate.

I am so sorry that I have failed you in not having the capacity to stay impeccable and unmoving in the face of my fixation.

I pray that you can go beyond me in this.

This has been and will continue to be a huge test and fire for everyone in our community.

Some have shown up in brilliant clarity.

I encourage you to stay true to what you have realized.

I pray that you take the example of the best of our community and bare this with an open heart and mind.

In this it will have served you.

The truth is true regardless of the human form and the failings of the teacher.

Please do not disregard the truth because of the faults of the messenger.

I am so deeply grateful for our past time together and I am so deeply sorry that I have betrayed you.

The wound of the pain that I have caused will be with me for at least as long as this body lasts.

I do not ask for forgiveness but that you remain true to the depths of your heart regardless of temptation to move.

I am so deeply sorry for it all.

In surrender and love


After this whole Mark Foley incident I believe Eli Jaxon-Bear must be identified as a sexual predator of the worst kind. Hundreds of people

came to him with his promises of enlightement and freedom, opening up to him with vunerability and trust. Yet this one young woman

(and who knows if there were others) was sexually preyed upon by this so-called teacher and thrown into a dungeon of dispair for three

years! To the point where killing herself seemed a viable option.

And those who knew about it including Gangaji, are also responcible for not saying anything about it. There was a departure of the

Executive director of the Gangaj foundation and other staff members, did they also know?

Now obviously since the Leela Foundation is a much smaller organization, no news organizations are going to focus their resources to fully

follow-up these questions or even mention it at all. Which is why your blog site is vital to getting the message out to warn people. This was

your intent was it not to have this be a place where such people can be identified that might otherwise remain unknown. Eli may be contrite

now, having been caught, or rather exposed. But in a short time he may again attempt sweep it all "under the rug" as many sexual

predators do. Especially when he is surrounded by those who've show up with "brilliant clarity". [A seductive phrase if ever I've heard one!]

That's why I hope you will post this because people need to know.



Sunday, August 13, 2006

First Post

There is so much insanity and dis-information being swirled around us today. If you have not had the chance to see the film Loose Change, check it out on

Somewhere along the line we just forgot what it was like to be a new country, being dominated by a "Mother country" that treated us as it saw fit.

Somewhere the idea of Liberty that the founding fathers had, which quite honestly, perhaps they meant only to have for themselves. That is wealthy landowners. But you see an idea is not anyone's personal possesion. Yes patents are granted for inventions, actual material workings out of ideas. And writings have copyrights and music too. And this is a good thing, although 75 years after an author's death does seem to be stretching it. Let the grand-kids write their own works for goodness sake!

Anyhow, my other blog The Deeper Life and this are of course intertwined, but this one focuses on what seems to me to be the eroding of our civil liberties and what people are saying and most importantly, doing about it.

Is this nation going to quake and quiver over every threat?

There are those, I belive who are attempting to frighten the American people into a state of subservient submission, well that is not where the people I come from were willing to put up with when they came as puritans almost 400 years ago. And it's not something any people should have to endure.

And for America to become a superpower that openly says we will not allow anyone to challenge our supremacy is a total perversion of what we are told America stands for.

Jesus the Man, not the religious icon, but a man who was living in Isreal under Roman occupation, understood life.

And he said "You will know them by their fruits" Meaning what a person says is not the best indicator of who they are, it's what they do.

And if you look at the fruits of America, what we've actually done then you can see there are pluses and minues big one's on both sides.

We are in a time where we can no longer be complacent, or we may find ourselves robbed of our liberty and made slaves in a nightmare world of totalitarianism and never-ending war.

More later.